How To Remove ReverseRat Malware From PC

How To Remove ReverseRat Malware From PC

Remove ReverseRat From Windows OS

Is Your System Infected with ReverseRat?

Detect & Remove Threats with SpyHunter 5
Detect & Remove Threats with SpyHunter 5

ReverseRat Malware can allow attackers to remotely access the target system and steal data. So, we recommend scanning it with reputable anti-malware program.

For more information on SpyHunter please review, steps to uninstall, EULA, Threat Assessment Criteria, and Privacy Policy. Spyhunter scans the PC for malware for free but to remove threats you need to purchase its full version. 

Spyhunter scans the PC for malware for free but to remove threats you need to purchase its full version.

What is Remove ReverseRat?

ReverseRat is a remote access Trojan (RAT) that is capable of allowing hackers to give remote access of the target system. The malware uses stealthy and evasive tactics to get inside, like via phishing email attachments.

When infected, it can perform a number of malicious actions and can also be used to drop payloads of other severely damaging threats like Ransomware. ReverseRat malware can even steal sensitive data stored on the system and exfiltrate them to the attacker’s server using C&C server.

Like any other Trojan, the ReverseRat also makes various changes to the system to gain persistence. Thus, it is nearly impossible to manually remove it. So, you should quickly run an anti-malware scan to detect and remove it.

How Your PC can get infected with ReverseRat?

Although, there are be a number of ways via which you system can get infected with ReverseRat. However, the common distribution tactics is phishing emails, freeware downloads of software, pirated games, movies or files from unsafe sources.

Researchers have also found that the malware spreads via compromised website that contains links to a ZIP file download that contains any document or PDF. When user extracts the Zipped file on their System, it downloads the payloads of the threat and also executes an .hta file that have JavaScript code that further infects the system with ReverseRat.

ReverseRat Symptoms:

ReverseRat is very clever at hiding itself on the target computer, you may not get almost any sign of Trojan. However, there are still various things you should point towards its existence. For example:

  • download and upload files to/from their Command and Control server;
  • start, run, kill, modify and delete any process, files and directories;
  • gathers System related information, list of applications running, and receive commands for execution;
  • read clipboard data and take screenshots of user’s activity;
  • distribute payloads of other malware;
  • steal sensitive files stored on infected computers

Needless to say, these actions are conducted within the background without user’s consent. Thus, if you have noticed any unknown process running in the background or slow System performance, then it is better to perform a deep scan to remove any threats.

How To Remove ReverseRat From Your PC?

When ReverseRat Malware gets in, it makes various changes to the system to silently launch with the start up. For thus, it copies its files to the system drives, by the name (ReverseRat).dll or exe files or other random names.

After that, it also creates new registry keys and set its value for the subkeys, so that it can run in the background silently. This also makes the infected system take too much of time start, due to various unknown process running in the background. Typically, these are “.dll”  or “.exe” files that you can see active under the Task Manager window. So, give a check on that process that is consuming more than 90% of the CPU.

45 out of 69 AV search engines on VirusTotal detect ReverseRat as malicious are:


Here, we will explain all the possible ways to remove ReverseRat Malware from Windows OS. So, you can choose which one works for you.

Method 1: Automatic Removal solution for ReverseRat

So what is ReverseRat Malware Removal Tool?

Basically, it is an automatic tool that will remove every file and registry key that was created by ReverseRat. Automatic removal tools update their database frequently with the latest threats, their behaviors and files. So, this is the best way to remove ReverseRat Malware from infected system.

Use SpyHunter to Scan And Remove ReverseRat From Windows OS

SpyHunter 5 is a powerful and certified malware detection and removal program. The program can identify various kinds of threats like Trojans, Spyware, malware, potentially unwanted program, rootkits and so on. It provides real-time protection by continuously updating and adapting its detection so as to combat against new threats.  This tools is very easy to use and a very friendly user-interface, offering 24/7 customer support.

Automatic detection tools helps you detect all the malicious files, process and changes made by it. So, you can save your time and ensure safe removal of ReverseRat. Thus,  we recommend scanning it with reputable anti-malware program. 

For more information on SpyHunter please review, steps to uninstall, EULA, Threat Assessment Criteria, and Privacy Policy. Spyhunter scans the PC for malware for free but to remove threats you need to purchase its full version.

Follow the below instructions to scan with SpyHunter 5 and remove Adware from Windows OS.

  • Click on the download button, to begin install the SpyHunter 5 anti-malware.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to finish the installation process.
    Spyhunter 5 Download
    Spyhunter 5 Download
  • After that, the application will launch on your screen. In most of the cases, it starts the scan process quickly.
    Spyhunter 5 Scan Process
    Spyhunter 5 Scan Process
  • The first scan may take up few minutes, and will keep reporting you any malware or threats found on your system.
    Spyhunter 5 Scan Continue
    Spyhunter 5 Scan Continue
  • After the scan process completes, click on the “Next” to remove the threats.
    Spyhunter 5 Threat Detection
    Remove ReverseRat using Spyhunter 5
  • SpyHunter 5 allows free detection of threats. In order to remove them and activate other features, you need to purchase the full- license of the product.
    Spyhunter 5 Buy
    Spyhunter 5 Buy
  • We recommend you do so, if you want to secure your device from Spyware, Trojans, Adware, malware, and PUA. It also helps maintaining online privacy.

Safe Mode:

Oftentimes, Trojan and malware prevent scanning of anti-virus program to prevent detection on the target system.

So, in this case, you should boot your Windows OS in Safe Mode.

  1. On your search bar type “msconfig” and press OK.
  2. This will open “System Configuration” window.
  3. Now, switch to “Boot” tab. You will get various option for it, now select the “Safe boot” and click “OK“.
    Windows 10 Safe Mode
    Windows 10 Safe Mode
  4. After that, run the scan with your anti-virus.

Manual Removal of ReverseRat Malware From PC

To manually remove ReverseRat Malware from your PC, you may need to go a thorough removal process. However, this can be risky as if involves locating files, programs and registries related to it and removing them one-b-one.

Often ReverseRat hides their files or pretend to be a legitimate process, so we strongly advise you to first research about the file you may think of suspicious and then delete it.

Method 1: Kill Malicious process, remove programs and files related to ReverseRat Malware and then delete registry keys.

Find and remove malicious process from startup:

  • Open Task Manager, by typing in the search box within the taskbar, it will show up the results.
  • Now, find running process that looks suspicious to you or have ReverseRat name.
  • Before ending the task, right-click on the process name, and click “Open File Location“;
    Task Manager Open File Location
    Open File Location of ReverseRat
  • When you find them, click on process and hit “End Task” button.
  • Also, check for what apps are added under startup section, disable the unknown one.

Remove applications, files and folders related to ReverseRat:

If you have found the ReverseRat process, then you may got the file location of the malicious program. So, first, we will delete unknown/suspicious apps and then remove all files and leftovers associated with ReverseRat. There are a lot of utilities that help remove programs completely, but if you’re looking to do it without the assistance of a third-party application, this is how it’s done.

Remove ReverseRat:
  • Open Apps & Features, start typing “Apps & Features” in the search bar, on your taskbar;
  • Search for applications, you don’t remember to install,
  • To remove ReverseRat , or other related ones, click on the app to expand and click on “Uninstall“. (see image for reference)
    Uninstall ReverseRat
    Uninstall ReverseRat
Remove app data and program files of ReverseRat:
  • Type “%appdata%” in the search box of your Taskbar.
  • Choose %appdata%” from the search results, it will navigate you to the appdata folder.
  • To search for appdata folder associated with ReverseRat, search for the related files on the search bar of the file explorer. (image is only for reference)
    Remove appdata of ReverseRat
    Remove appdata of ReverseRat
  • If found, right click on the folder and delete all the data.

Again, follow the same steps, but this time use ” %programfiles%”.

Remove ReverseRat registry entries:

  • Type “regedit” in the search box on your Taskbar.
  • Now, selectRegistry Editor” from the search results.
  • This will open the Registry Editor window, now, find the registry entries related to ReverseRat, like “HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\appname”. You can replace appname with the ReverseRat or similar looking names.
  • To expand it, click on ReverseRat  key.
  • Next, right-click on the ReverseRat name to expand it and remove the keys.
    Remove Registry Keys of ReverseRat
    Remove Registry Keys of ReverseRat
  • To remove the key and subkeys of ReverseRat, click on “Delete”. 
  • To confirm, click “Yes”. 

You need to delete the key entries under current user too, for this follow the same steps but search for “HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\{your app}“.

Although, above method will only work if you know the exact files, process names and registry entries created by the ReverseRat. Otherwise, we advise you to use scan and remove method to successfully detect and quarantine the threats.

Method 2: Remove ReverseRat using System Restore Procedure

System Restore Procedure works most of the time if want to roll back your system status to a specific point of time. So, here the point which need to choose is the versions of your PC before ReverseRat Trojan infected your system. Most of the time, Windows OS creates a Restore Point, when we install any new application or driver. Also, you can create a system restore point manually.

System Restore will remove applications, drivers, or updates that you have installed to that point of time. They all will be rolled back to that point, however your personal data will not be affected. But in case, you should backup your important data you stored recently.

  1. On your taskbar, type “Recovery” in the search box, which will bring the results, click on “Recovery”;
  2. Next click on “Configure System Restore“;
    System Restore In Windows 10
    System Restore In Windows 10
  3. You will see “System properties” window open up, switch to “System Protection“;
  4. Next click on “System Restore” button, then click on “Next“;
    System Restore Process In Windows 10
    System Restore Process In Windows 10
  5. Now, you will see Automatic System Restore Points list or to view all restore points you can click “Show more Restore Points” in the bottom.
    Automatic Restore Points
    Automatic Restore Points
  6. Now, click on the Restore point, prior to the attack of ReverseRat Malware, then click on “Scan for affected programs”; This will list you all the apps, drives and updates which will be removed after the restore.
    Scan For Affected programs
    Scan For Affected programs
  7. So, if you are sure with the changes, the click on “close” and then select Next > Finish.

What To Do If You Don’t see Any Restore Points?

Note: If your System Restore Feature is not enabled, then you may not see any Restore Points. So, you should enable the “System Protection” feature.

How To enable System Protection on Windows 10:

    • Select Recovery > Configure System Restore > Configure;
    • Check the radio button next to “Turn on system protection” is active or not.
    • If not then click on it and then click on Apply > OK.

If there is no Recovery points, then this method will not be helpful to you, So, either go for scan and remove method or you need to reset your Windows 10.

Method 3: Reset Your PC to remove ReverseRat Malware

Resetting your PC should be your last option, if all the above methods does not work for you. If you reset your PC then, all your applications, files and data will be cleared. It means your Windows 10 will act as new.  Windows 10 will reset itself to its factory default settings.

Also, you will not lose your license or product key which came along with the purchase or if it is genuine.

If you don’t want to lose your data, then first backup all your files to a secure place, either cloud backup, OneDrive, Google Drive or external SSD or USB drives.

However, Reset Your PC, does gives you an option to keep your files, but to ensure permanent removal of ReverseRat Malware, you should chose Remove Everything. Or else you can try with “keep my files” and then reset your PC. After that to double check if the Trojan is gone you should install an anti-virus program.

So, here how to reset your Windows 10:

  • In the search bar, on the Taskbar search for “Reset this PC, and click on it;
  • Choose “Get Started“.
  • Next, you will see two options to choose “Keep my Files” or “Remove Everything”.
    Reset this PC to Remove ReverseRat
    Reset this PC to Remove ReverseRat Malware
  • Choose the appropriate one, and click on “Next“;
  • Now, follow the on-screen instructions to reset your PC;
  • Once your PC is reset, you can install the application which you need, transfer your files.
  • Now, run Windows Defender or Spyhunter 5 to check complete removal of ReverseRat.

How To Avoid ReverseRat Trojan Attacks In Future

  1. Make sure you have the updated version of Windows OS, software and drivers. 
  2. Avoid opening spam emails and their attachments. Other for other emails that arrive to your inbox, check the sender’s name, some valid logo, signature and the subject.
  3. Do not install freeware from unknown or unverified third-party sources. Make sure the site you are visited is secured by SSL.
  4. Keep Windows Defender ON and also have secondly anti-malware program to make sure your system is proactive against threats like these. Do, not leave your system open for threats or attackers to take advantage of its flaws and make way of online threats.

So, we believe the above steps will help to remove ReverseRat from your PC.

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