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Combo Cleaner For Mac – Full Review

Malware, Adware and Spyware kind of programs have now become very sophisticated, and so it becomes tedious to manually trace them on any system. Mac users often think that it can’t be infected, and yes it was true to some point of time.

But in today’s time none of the Operating System is safe enough that they can’t be infected. In fact, cyber-criminals have shifted their focus towards Mac and Apple devices and so they are more prone to adware-kind of programs.

Oftentimes, these Adware seems to be no harmful, as they are designed to deliver advertisements on the web browsers. But their presence makes our devices vulnerable and yes it makes way for other damaging threats from inside.

Thus, security experts advise Mac users to have a security program active on their devices.

Now, here we will be reviewing ComboCleaner for Mac.

What is ComboCleaner?

ComboCleaner is a security software designed for Mac. The software scans the Mac for native malicious software, adware and malware. Its free scanner can help you instantly scan your system and detect the threats.

ComboCleaner updates its threat database hourly which ensures real-time protection. The program is more recommended for Adware and Malware removal, as can perfectly detect native Mac threats.

Name Combo Cleaner
Developer RCS LT
Software Usage Comprehensive Antivirus and Mac Optimization
Download Free Scanner ComboCleaner
Price For single license costs $47.95 billed for 6 months

ComboCleaner Features

ComboCleaner is comprehensive anti-malware and system optimization tool. It is certified by certified by OPSWAT Labs under the anti-malware category. Its features are designed by keeping in mind the good practices one should do regularly to keep their Mac optimized.

It assist users in maintaining security, removing unnecessary  clutter of files, junks, duplicates, big files, privacy scanner, adware/malware scanner and many more. For these tools, we often have to buy 2-3 different software, thus, it is again a pros of the program.

So, here we will discuss top features of ComboCleaner:


Then is probably the first thing which we want from such software. The program consist of specific scan engines for Malware, Adware and native Mac threats. Often Adware, PUA (potentially unwanted programs), browser hijackers attacks in intrusive ways. Initially, you may not recognize them, however as soon as you see strange behavior of your Safari or Chrome.

Some examples of native Mac Adware are: Chill Tab, Genieo, Advanced Mac Cleaner and so on. So ComboCleaner works effectively on such malicious programs. It not only detects the threat, but also finds its malicious files like LaunchAgents, LaunchDaemons, fake profiles, and other configuration.

To remove any Adware or malware permanently, it is important to remove their malicious files, entries, browser settings and so on associated with them. So using ComboCleaner will help you effective remove them and clean your system.


Keeping in mind the latest trends of threat, it updates its database on hourly basis. This will surely going to ensure protection against any new threat.

It is important to note that ComboCleaner free scanner allow you to detect the threat. So, if you are satisfied you need to purchase the product license to avail the maximum benefits. 

Another fact about ComboCleaner is that being a native anti-malware for Mac, but it can also detect Windows Malware. This helps restrict any malware distribution to Windows-based system.

Disk Cleaner:

Second thing, is its Disk cleaner feature, consist of tools like eliminating junks, smart scan and also external hard drive scan. The program uses robust algorithm to detect junks, obsolete files, application cache, logs, browser data, and other useless files, to detect and remove them.

Often removing applications, browsing, even while using the system, we accumulate lots of files that your system do not require further. These can take megabytes of space that slows the performance.

The Disk Cleaner smartly scans the Mac and remove them to free up lost of memory. The best part is Disk Cleaner is always free to use.

App Uninstaller:

Often PUA and Adware makes manual removal a tricky process. Even if you are able to remove them, they leave behind their useless files, hidden components, logs, cache and other settings. So, the App uninstaller ensures the permanent removal of applications. Under its dashboard, you can see App uninstaller menu, just click it and it will load all the apps installed. Its a quick and safest way to remove unwanted applications.

To use App uninstaller, you will have to buy the full version of Combo Cleaner.

Big & Duplicate Files Finder:

Often big files and duplicate files consumes lots of memory on the system. We keep on wondering what’s consuming so much disk space. with these features you can find duplicate copies of the files or even files of large volume and remove them. It allows you to choose file size like:

  • Up to 1 GB (286.5 MB)
  • 1 GB to 5 GB(4.23 GB)
  • More than 5 GB(8.92 GB)

This feature is surely the one you will going to use more often. After all this is included in free version.

Privacy Scanner:

This is again an important feature that every security program should have and ComboCleaner has it. Although, this is premium feature, so to avail this you will have to buy the full-license of it.

But why it is worthy?

Online Privacy have now become a most sensitive thing. Obviously we all know, our browser are the medium to connect to world wide web. Although, apps, websites and browsers claims to retain the privacy of users. But still there are various information that disclose our personal information.

This feature of ComboCleaner aims to evaluate our web browsers as well as email clients for such data including browsing history, cookies, logs, cache, forms and so on. Privacy Scanner scans the browser to detect such crucial data and helps removing them. This also includes freeing the browser from fake extensions, unknown URLs, browser hijackers.

Thus, we can conclude that ComboCleaner is not only about removing adware/malware. But its features and components covers from virus removal to optimizing device and maintaining online privacy. 


User friendliness, ease of usage and space and memory consumptions are very important factors. Often times, applications have very useful features, but due to their complicated interface, or bad performance, we click on the uninstall button.

But ComboCleaner has done a good job in this. It is a small DMG file of size 5 MB, that takes very less time to install. Installation is also very quick and smooth. When the setup completes, you can launch the application.


On its Dashboard, you can see its features and tools on the left menu. You can choose what to scan by toggle the button next to them. And click on “Start Combo Scan”. The first scan may take like 20-30 minutes. But after that, the scanning process is quite quick.

Compatibility And Pricing:

ComboCleaner is compatible to OS X 10.10 (Yosemite), other latest version of Mac El Capitan, Sierra, High Sierra, Mojave, Catalina, Big Sur. You can download ComboCleaner from its official website as well as from Mac Apple Store.

When it comes to pricing, ComboCleaner has various flexible options. For single Mac you can buy it for $47.95 and for family/office bundle it comes for 5 license costing you $83.95 per 6 months.


After sales service of ComboCleaner is something we would like to expect more. As it lack the quick option of live chat. You can raise a ticket and support will contact you for further assistance. However, while using ComboCleaner for 1 year now, I have not got any trouble. So, it won’t be any issue.


      • Effective detection and removal rate
      • User-friendly
      • Hourly threat database update ensuring protection from new virus
      • Quick optimization, freeing up space and removal of large files
      • Clean removal of unwanted apps
      • Built-in privacy scanner offering online security

      • No Live Chat
      • A bit costly

Bottom Line:

Combo Cleaner combines various components apart from just being a malware removal program. This is what makes it a different from other such apps. It can effectively detect all sorts of annoying stuffs like adware, browser hijacker, pop-ups, redirects, fake applications, malware, spyware and even ransomware threats.

So, if you want an all-in-one security and optimization suit for your Mac, the  we will recommend you giving ComboCleaner a try.


FAQ’s About ComboCleaner

Is ComboCleaner Safe?

ComboCleaner a legitimate Anti-malware with comprehensive tools to optimize the Mac systems. It is completely safe and certified by OPSWAT Labs in the category of anti-malware. The program has got recognized by various platforms and publishers like CNET, Cult of Mac, and FileHorse.

Is combo cleaner for Mac free?

ComboCleaner is often misled as a freeware. However it is not. The program allows free download that allows users to scan the system for free. Once user is satisfied with the scan results, they can opt for buying the full-license to avail its benefits.

How do I cancel my combo cleaner subscription?

If you have purchased a subscription for ComboCleaner then you have a timeline of 30 days to cancel your subscription and ask for a refund. To cancel your subscription, you need to contact to the support team of combo cleaner via

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