How To Remove WebSearchUpgrade Adware From Mac

Remove WebSearchUpgrade From Mac
WebSearchUpgrade adware can appear again and again, until you remove its associated files, libraries and hidden components. These restricts the permanent removal. Therefore, we advise to download Combo Cleaner to scan your Mac for these annoying stuffs. This way, you can ensure safe removal and save your time. 
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What is WebSearchUpgrade?

WebSearchUpgrade is flagged as a potentially unwanted programs that seeks its existence on Mac via deceptive means. Although, it promotes itself as a useful browser helper object that can improve the browsing. However, this is not actual functionality of this program.

In fact, once you install this program, it quickly attaches itself onto the browser as an extension. While installing you unknowingly allow the application make change to your browser’s default settings. As well as read and change the data within the websites visited. So, you could start receiving countless advertisements on the browser. These ads appear frequently to the web page to visit, even some overlay the actual contents. Such ads do not originate from the source website, in fact it is driven by adware active on your browser.

Needless to say, the presence of WebSearchUpgrade severely impacts the browsing and slows the network. Also, clicking on those ads are even riskier, as they redirect to unsafe website where you may be exposed to fake schemes, discounts, dubious product landing pages and so on.

Last but not least, being an adware, WebSearchUpgrade has data-tracking capabilities. So, it may silently collect your browsing data, searches, IP address, geo-location and more.

How WebSearchUpgrade Got Inside my Mac?

There are various adware being distributed via deceptive distribution methods. For example, OperatorMac, TypicalProcess, ExtensionInstaller, ValidMemory and FormatBoost. These adware belongs to the Adload category of Mac threats. Most common tactics used by these are software bundling, drive-by-downloads, fake update/installation links of Adobe Flash Player.

WebSearchUpgrade Mac Adware
WebSearchUpgrade Mac Adware
  • Freeware Installation of applications, tools and media converters and download managers from unverified sources. Often, such installers contains adware-type programs concealed within. So, if you skip the custom or advanced installation, then you can get adware installed silently.
  • Updating Adobe Flash Player from redirect pages. These are fake versions of the legitimate program that installs other programs without the knowledge of users.
  • Clicking on promotional ads, redirect links and malicious ads can trick into installing such programs.

In order to, avoid installation of WebSearchUpgrade kind of Adware, you need to skip the default installation, and opt for custom/advanced one. During that, you may see an option for additional program installation offered along. Simply uncheck that option, and finish the rest installation. As users should be aware that these tricks are often used by con artists to deploy payloads of malicious threats like Trojans, Ransomware or RAT (Remote Access Trojan).

WebSearchUpgrade Mac Adware-What It can do?

Once WebSearchUpgrade adware gets installed on the Mac, it will begin to modify various settings of the browser as well as Mac system. This is done to start its advertising campaigns to earn its profit.

So, as mentioned above, you could possibly see excessive advertisements while browsing, that will serious impact your browsing experience.  Often the ads are displayed on the websites overlaying the actual contents, that restricts users to access the contents of the websites. So, users are forced to click on the ads that leads to suspicious ads, pop-ups and redirects.

Additionally, many of the adware promotes fake search engine and also have browser hijacking traits. Thus, another disturbing fact about WebSearchUpgrade is to modify the default homepage, search engine and new tab.

After which, your searches will automatically be redirect to unknown search engine or even some multiple search engine may open up on the new tab. Such fake search engine sends the queries to various sites to drive sponsored search results. Thus, you should keep in mind they will never deliver any useful information, instead will keep on redirecting to chain of dubious sites.

Additionally, to deliver intrusive ads, the adware are capable to track individual’s data. So, they silently collect browsing data like search history, URL visits, searches, keywords, and more. They do so by tracking cookies, IP address, geo-location and ISP.

Hence, you should avoid relying on such dubious programs and switch back to default browser settings.

Follow the below removal steps to remove WebSearchUpgrade adware and its associated search engine.

How To Remove WebSearchUpgrade From Mac

If you see a pop-up message ” WebSearchUpgrade” will damage your computer” text, then quickly click on “move to trash” or “Show in finder”. If found delete the files.

For manual removal, you need search for the app in question to your Application folder and trash it. Next, you will need to locate launchAgents and launchDeamons associated with the program and remove them. Also, some adware create fake profiles to set rules for the specific URL to open automatically. Thus, it is important to delete such settings.

In this guide, we are going to explain both the methods one-by-one.

For automatic and safe removal, scan with Combo Cleaner and get rid of it quickly.

To Remove Apps Related To WebSearchUpgrade, you can scan with Combo Cleaner to help detect it on your Mac.


Note: Free Scanner Allows Detection of Threat, to remove it completely you need to buy the full-license. 

How To Remove WebSearchUpgrade From Mac Manually

To completely remove WebSearchUpgrade from Mac, follow these steps  carefully: 

1Remove WebSearchUpgrade, PUA and other Malicious Software

  1. On the Finder window, click Go→ Applications;
  2. Look through the Application window to find and remove WebSearchUpgrade;
    Remove Adware Application From Mac
    Remove Adware Application From Mac
  3. To remove WebSearchUpgrade from Mac, right-click on it and choose “Move To Trash”;
  4. After that, Click on the “Empty Trash” by right-click on the Trash icon on your dock.
    Empty Trash
    Empty Trash
  5. Restart your Mac to make changes into effect.

2Remove LaunchAgents and LaunchDaemons Associated With WebSearchUpgrade

Removing Launching Daemon and Agents associated with WebSearchUpgrade is an important step. As these helps the program run in the background automatically. These works as agents specified to work for a specified user. 

To Remove WebSearchUpgrade LaunchAgents and LaunchDaemon, follow the steps here: 

  1. Open Finder window and then select: Go → Go to Folder;
    Go To Folder Mac
    Go To Folder Mac
  2. Now, you need find any malicious agents related to WebSearchUpgrade within the following locations, and delete if find any;
    • /Library/LaunchAgents
    • /Library/LaunchDaemons
    • /System/Library/LaunchAgents
    • /System/Library/LaunchDaemons
    • ~/Library/LaunchAgents
  3. Enter the path to the “Go To Folder” and click “Go”;
    LaunchAgents Mac
    LaunchAgents Mac
  4. Now, check, if there is any WebSearchUpgrade related entries, if found delete them one-by-one.
    Remove Malicious Launch Agents and Daemons From Mac
    Remove Malicious Launch Agents and Daemons From Mac
Be careful while doing so, as if you delete any important entry, then the application associated with will not work properly. If you are not sure of this, then better to use Combocleaner to scan and remove them.

3Remove WebSearchUpgrade Related Fake Profiles

Configuration profiles in Mac OS, defines set of rules letting administrations or workplaces to standardize settings on devices. As, as admin can create profiles to configure wi-fi settings, mail accounts, VPN, server connections and more. 

Often malicious programs like Safe Finder, Search Mine, Advanced Mac Cleaner leverages this setting to configure profile settings that connect to specific URL, restrict removal and so on. Thus, you should check for any profile configuration created by malicious programs. So you need to find and remove fake profiles.

To do so, you must login to your Mac as administrative account. By deleting the malicious profiles , you will be able to make changes to restricted settings.

  • Choose Apple menu→ System Preferences → Profiles .
    Note: If there is no profiles on your Mac, then you may not see the profile icon. Then skip to the next step.
  • Once the profile Windows opens, check for unknown Profile.
    Remove Malicious profile Mac
    Remove Malicious profile Mac
  • To Remove WebSearchUpgrade Profile created by adware or malicious software, select it and click the Remove button (—) minus button in the bottom.

4Uninstall WebSearchUpgrade Related Extensions From Web browsers

Next, step is to find unwanted extension, fake search engine and revoke other settings that happens due to any Adware. So, most of the users use Safari, Chrome and Mozilla browsers on their Mac OS.

So, here we are going to explain all the three one-by-one.


Delete WebSearchUpgrade Extensions From Safari

WebSearchUpgrade may install as extensions which triggers pop-up ads, homepage redirects and so on. So, it is important to find and remove adware extensions.

  • Click on Safari menu →Preferences → go to Extensions Tab;
    Safari Prefeneces
    Safari Prefeneces
  • Look for WebSearchUpgrade unwanted extensions active on your Safari;
    Safari Uninstall Extension
    Safari Uninstall Extension
  • To remove WebSearchUpgrade extension from Safari, Select it and click on “Uninstall”.

Restore Your Homepage

Many time, WebSearchUpgrade promotes fake search engine, so they set unknown URL as default homepage. So, if you don’t want them, then here is what to do to remove them:

  • Click on Safari menu →Preferences → go to General Tab;
  • Under the “Homepage” field, remove unknown URL related to WebSearchUpgrade and enter address of your choice like “” as click “set as default”.
    Remove Unknown Homepage from Safari Mac
    Remove Unknown Homepage from Safari Mac

This should help fix your issue, but if not, then here is the guide explaining to reset Safari browser.

Google Chrome

Remove WebSearchUpgrade Extension

  • To open Extensions page on Chrome type chrome://extensions/ on your address bar;
  • Now, check for WebSearchUpgrade extension active on the browser;
    Remove Unknown Extension From chrome
    Remove Unknown Extension From chrome
  • To remove WebSearchUpgrade Extension from Chrome, click on “Remove” beside it.

Restore Your Homepage

  • To access Homepage setting on Chrome type chrome://settings/appearance;
  • Here you see default homepage URL that opens every time you launch your browser. Remove WebSearchUpgrade related URL and type the new one you want.
    Remove Unknown Homepage URL From chrome
    Remove Unknown Homepage URL From chrome
  • Next, remove fake search engine promoted by WebSearchUpgrade, by typing chrome://settings/search
  • Under “Manage search engines”, click on the search engine you want to remove;
    Remove Fake Search Engine From chrome
    Remove Fake Search Engine From chrome
  • To remove WebSearchUpgrade search engine from Chrome, click on the 3-vertical dots beside its name and click on “Remove from list”.

Here is the guide on how to Reset Chrome Browser on Mac and Windows.


Remove WebSearchUpgrade Extension From Firefox

  • To open Extension menu, type about:addons on your Firefox address bar;
  • Choose “Extensions” from the left menu;
    Remove Extensions From Firefox
    Remove Extensions From Firefox
  • To remove WebSearchUpgrade extension from Firefox browser, click on “Remove” beside the extension name.

Restore Homepage

  • To access Homepage Setting on Firefox, type about:preferences#home on the address bar;
  • Under “New Windows and Tabs” field, enter your favorite URL to set as homepage and New tab.
    Remove Unknown Homepage From Firefox
    Remove Unknown Homepage From Firefox
  • To Remove Fake search engine from Firefox about:preferences#search, under search shortcuts section, click on the URLs you want to remove;
  • Next click on the “Remove” button on the bottom.

To completely Reset Mozilla Firefox Browser on Safari and Windows click here.

Scan Your Mac With Combo Cleaner To Remove WebSearchUpgrade

  • Follow the link to Download Combo Cleaner“;
  • A .dmg file will download, double-click on it to start installation process;
  • Once you see the below window, drag and drop the Combo Cleaner icon to your “Applications folder”;
    Combo Cleaner Drag to Application Folder
    Combo Cleaner Drag to Application Folder
  •  Click on the “Combo Cleaner” icon from the “Launchpad” on your dock;
    Combo Cleaner Installation
    Combo Cleaner Installation
  • Follow the on-screen instruction to finish the setup. The combo cleaner will quickly update its Virus database. After which, Combo cleaner will launch the program;
    Combo Cleaner Dashboard
    Combo Cleaner Dashboard
  • You can either click on “Start Combo Scan” or click on the “Antivirus” tab and choose various scan options. There are 3 scan options: Quick, Full, and custom. (We will recommend to do full scan for first time)
    Combo Cleaner Scan
    Combo Cleaner Scan
  • After the scan completes, it will show the threats if found. So, click on “Remove All Threats”;
    Combo Cleaner Virus Removal
    Combo Cleaner Virus Removal
  • Next, go to “Uninstaller” Tab to find and remove malicious extensions and other programs from web browsers and Mac. Select unwanted program and also their related files and then click on “Remove Selected Items“
    Combo Cleaner Uninstaller
    Combo Cleaner Uninstaller

So, this is how to remove WebSearchUpgrade from your Mac.

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