How To Reset Safari Browser To Default Settings

How To Reset Safari Browser On Mac (Complete Tutorial)

Reset Safari Browser On Mac

This article, contains complete tutorial on how to reset Safari browser, remove extension, manage website data and clear cache.

You may need to reset your safari browser, when:

  • it acts too slow,
  • webpages crashing frequently,
  • notice plenty of pop-up ads that appear expectedly,
  • facing redirects to questionable sites,
  • infected with any adware, or browser hijackers.

Before, resetting safari browser, you must know, that after this, you may lose:

  • browsing history;
  • installed extensions;
  • themes or default search engine;
  • content settings, site preferences, new tab settings;
  • site allowed to show notifications.
If you think your Safari is acting strange due to presence of virus, then we recommend scanning the whole Mac with powerful anti-malware tool. This will not only help you remove all unwanted programs, but also optimize your device to work smoothly.
Follow the below guide to reset Safari browser step-by-step.

How To Reset Safari Browser On Mac

Disable Extensions

Although, web extensions are useful programs that helps extending the functionality of the browsers. However, the browser do have various built-in features, but they are not customized, so to make it fit to our preferences, we need extension to enhance the browsing.

But we should be careful as to which extension we choose and from where we download them. As they may be just a piece of adware that makes browsing annoying by loading ads. Some extensions also promote search engine of their own. So, if you install and agree to their terms, then your default browser settings will be changed. So, if this is your concern, then you should look for unknown extensions, and remove them from your Safari.

To Disable Extensions From Safari, follow the steps:

  • From the Safari menu bar, choose “Safari”;
  • Next, click on “Preferences”;
    Safari Prefeneces
    Safari Preferences
  • Switch to “Extensions” tab;
  • Look for extension that you don’t remember to install or which is causing issues. You can see a list of extensions installed on your Safari.
    Safari Uninstall Extension
    Safari Uninstall Extension
  • Click on the extension, you want to remove, and then click on “uninstall”;

Remove Website History

To Remove Website History From Safari, follow the steps here:

  • Open Safari Browser;
  • Click on Safari from the top menu bar and select “Preferences”;
    Safari Prefeneces
    Safari Preferences
  • Next, switch to “Privacy” tab;
  • Now, click on the “Manage Website Data” button on the open window;
    Safari Privacy Tab
    Safari Privacy Tab
  • In the next window, you can see the website data, URL visits and so on that are stored on the Safari. You can manually check and remove website or simply click on “Remove All”, and click “Done”;
    Safari Remove Website Data
    Safari Remove Website Data
  • To confirm removal, click “Remove Now” button.

Clear Cache Data

After removing website data, it is important to clear the cache. This will help cleaning your browser and you can start a fresh.

To Clear Cache in Safari browser, you need to enable the “Develop” mode, here how you do this:

  • Again, you need to click Safari → Preferences →go to “Advanced” tab;
  • Next, in the bottom of the window, click on the checkbox showing “Show Develop menu in menu bar”;
    Safari Advanced Settings
    Safari Advanced Settings
  • Now, you will see a “Develop” menu on top bar, choose “Empty Caches”;
    Safari Clear Cache
    Safari Clear Cache

So, this is how you reset Safari browser on Mac. We will recommend you to scan your device with anti-malware to remove ads, pop-ups and programs triggering them.

Method 2: Reset Safari, remove extensions, cache with one click

In easy way to regularly clean your browsers whether Safari, Chrome or Firefox is by using CleanMyMac’s privacy tool. As it allows a quick view of all the extensions installed on your browsers. As well as removing cookies, browsing history, auto-fill data as well as saved passwords. You can choose what to clean by clicking on the checkbox.

About CleanMyMac X

CleanMyMac X is a comprehensive set of tools that makes your Mac as fast as new. Its awesome design, crisp navigation of tools like system junk cleaning, maintenance, malware removal, Trash Bins, app uninstaller, file shredder, privacy and plenty of more optimizations that can help you achieve best performance of your Mac. Best part is CleanMyMac X is Big Sur Ready now, and is loved by most of the Mac users.

Either your Mac is running slow, or you can’t uninstall any annoying app. CleanMyMac X can do it all.

You can download CleanMyMac X and try it out free here: Download CleanmymacX.

How To Reset Safari Using CleanMyMac X

  • Click to download Download CleanmymacX
  • Follow on-screen instruction to install the app;
  • Once done, launch the app on your Mac;
  • Go to Privacy menu from left menu’
  • You will see all the web browsers listed there, choose Safari;
    Clean Safari Browser
    Clean Safari Browser
  • Click on the items like browsing history, cookies, download history, auto-fill and more, you want to clean;
  • Finally, click on the Remove to clear your Safari browser.

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