How To Reset Google Chrome To Default Settings

How To Reset Google Chrome To Default Settings

Reset Google Chrome To Default Settings

Reset Google Chrome, if your bowser is infected with some potentially unwanted program, adware or browser hijackers. Presence of such programs turns down the browsing speed, inject intrusive advertisements that redirects to questionable sites and so on.

Often, we knowingly or unknowingly install third-party extensions, that attempts to take over the browser and redirect the searches to fake search engine. In this case, you should first try out uninstalling unknown extension from Google Chrome and change your default settings.

However, if this is not helping you, then resetting your Google Chrome can help clean up your browser.

Reset Google Chrome is restoring the browser to its default settings, however, it will not delete your bookmarks, passwords and saved websites. 

In this guide, we will explain how to reset your Google chrome for Windows, Mac and Android.

Resetting Google Chrome to the default settings, has following changes:

  • Installed Extensions and search engines will reset;
  • Any URL set to open automatically, or current homepage will be removed;
  • New tab, pin tabs and startup settings will be removed. However, if you have any built-in extensions by Chrome that controls the new tab pages, then it will be shown;
  • Cookies, cache and content settings will be removed and will appear as the time of installing a new Chrome;
  • Any active theme will be disabled.

How To Reset Google Chrome To Its Default Settings

Google Chrome has a quick option that help users to reset their browser to default settings. As mentioned earlier, it will clear all changes made by installing any third-party extensions or programs. Although, your bookmarks and passwords will remain as it is.


For Quick Reset Google Chrome, Simply copy and paste this URL to your address bar  chrome://settings/resetProfileSettings. This will open “Reset Settings” dialog box. Next, click on “Reset Settings” to confirm restoring the browser with default settings.
  1. Click on three dots to choose “Chrome’s Menu” then select “Settings”;
    Chrome Settings
    Chrome Settings
  2. Scroll down to the bottom, click “Advanced”;
    Chrome Advanced Settings
    Chrome Advanced Settings
  3. Now, scroll down to find “Reset and cleanup,” section;
    Reset Chrome Settings
    Reset Chrome Settings
  4. Next, select “Restore settings to their original defaults” → To confirm reset Google Chrome, click on “Reset Settings” button.
    Reset Google Chrome To Defaults Settings
    Reset Google Chrome To Defaults Settings


Use Reset Google Chrome From Mac, when you wish to remove all the unwanted changes made by any unknown program. It will delete cookies, cache, extensions, startup settings, homepage and new tab preferences. You should note that, it will not your saved passwords and bookmarks. (Better to Sync the browser with Google account to secure them).
  1. Open Chrome’s menu by clicking on 3 dots on top-right corner, and click “Settings” from the menu;
  2. Scroll to the bottom, and click on “Advanced”;
  3. Under the section “Reset settings,” section click on “Restore settings to its original Defaults”;
  4. Now, to reset Google Chrome browser on Mac, click on “Reset Settings”;
  5. Click “Yes”, to the prompt asking to restart the browser.

This should fix your issue, however, often times malicious programs creates new policies that restrict the removal of unknown program after resetting. You need to check, if there is any unknown policies created by adware kind of programs.

To check Chrome’s policy simply type "chrome://policy" to your address bar.  Now to reset policies from chrome browser, follow here:

Open Terminal window by selecting Go to Finder → Go → Utilities → Terminal;

Reset Chrome Policies Mac
Reset Chrome Policies Mac

Now, you need to run the below commands and press “Enter” one by one.

Reset Chrome Policies Mac 2
Reset Chrome Policies Mac 2

defaults write HomepageIsNewTabPage -bool false
defaults write NewTabPageLocation -string ""
defaults write HomepageLocation -string ""
defaults delete DefaultSearchProviderSearchURL
defaults delete DefaultSearchProviderNewTabURL
defaults delete DefaultSearchProviderName

Relaunch Chrome. To reload default policies type  "chrome://policy"on the address bar. Now click on “Reload policies”.

Reload Chrome Policies
Reload Chrome Policies


To Reset Chrome Settings on Android, follow the steps below:

  1. On your Phone or device, click on the “Settings” icon, then Choose “Apps”;
    Open Settings Android
    Open Settings Android
  2. Under the “Apps”, scroll down to find “Google Chrome” app.
  3. Tap open the “Chrome” option, you will App info settings, under it, select “storage”.
    Manage Chrome Settings Android
    Manage Chrome Settings Android
  4. Once “Google Chrome Storage” opens, click on “Clear All data”.
    Delete App data
    Delete App data

By performing the above steps, your Google chrome data will be set to its original defaults.

Hope this guide was helpful to you.

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